Saturday, 5 August 2017

It. Trailer 1. July 2017.

I'm so completely useless that when I saw this trailer being pushed at me by YouTube's home page, I thought it was for a film called I.T. and assumed it was going to be a kooky cornball romantic comedy involving Jennifer Aniston trying to find love in the computer helpline department of a New York office block.

I must confess I was wrong. It turns out it is in fact a remake of the old Stephen King tale we all, no doubt, remember from our childhoods.

Granted, the original adaptation was made so long ago that my memories of it are vague. Basically, all I recall is that it featured Tim Curry and was determined to convince us that balloons are scary.

Brave as that attempt was, it didn't matter how hard they tried, they never managed to convince me that balloons are scary and I still, to this day, regard all balloons as my friends.

Admittedly I've never, so far, been attacked by any. Perhaps if that ever happened, I might change my mind and realise just how terrifying they really are, with their powers of static cling.

Anyway, the trailer. I have to confess that does look like a movie I want to see. I may not remember much about the original but I recall not being overly impressed by it and this does look a lot more promising. Obviously, it has all the things in it that I equate with Stephen King; small town, children, trains, schools, bullies and bicycles but it also feels a lot classier, moodier and heavier than the previous version. I therefore give it the thumbs up and look forward to seeing it.

I do always wonder though. Do people really find clowns scary or is that just something they say because it's become accepted wisdom that they are? Personally, I've just always found them a bit annoying.

Then again, as with the balloons, I've never been attacked by a gang of them.


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Steve W. said...

And, 24 hours later, I still can't see this trailer title without thinking it says, "I.T." I genuinely think there's something wrong with me.

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