Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Snowman. Trailer 1. July 2017.

Not that I'm shallow or anything but I must confess the principle reason I clicked on this trailer is because it has almost the same title as an old Matt Smith Doctor Who Christmas special and I was hoping that, like that, this too would feature killer snowmen.

Obviously I was wrong. From the trailer, it would seem that it features an altogether less fantastical menace.

But, blimey, watching that thing has to have been the most intense experience of my life. It comes across like Silence of the Lambs on drugs, which is a very good thing indeed. Yes it's true; this is a film I now want to see.

I do worry that, if it's like that for the full two hours, the sheer unremitting intensity might start to become ludicrous and reduce the film to the level of unintentional comedy and, while I freely admit that Michael Fassbender can do creepy as well as anyone alive, I do always find him a little detached. It makes him perfect for playing robots and super-villains but I'm not so sure he's ideal for playing good guys.

Still, the trailer's great and I'm holding out hopes that that means the film's great too.

Also, it was filmed in Norway - and we all know it's a philosophical impossibility to make a bad film in Norway.

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