Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Layover. July 2017.

I must confess I only know Alexandra Daddario for two things; blundering into nightmare peril in the magnificently bloodthirsty Texas Chainsaw and possessing a killer teddy bear in the video for Imagine Dragons' Radioactive. If you've not seen either of those roles, you probably won't be surprised to discover that neither of them gave her any chance to show off her comedy chops. But now, at last, there's a film that does just that.

And, what's more, it gives one-woman gif factory Kate Upton the chance to do likewise.

So, given the opportunity, what can they do with it?

Not a lot, apparently. I have to say that trailer's about as funny as leprosy. It's genuinely toe-curlingly depressing at times and, in places, makes me feel like I've plunged back in time to the 1980s and all those films about teen pool parties they liked to churn out back then.

A film about two women willing to do anything to get a man in bed is perfectly capable of working - if it stars two women who can convince you they have no dignity or self-respect. It's going to struggle a lot harder to succeed when it stars two women who, lets face it, are probably less likely to struggle to pull than any other women alive. The truth is that, no matter how hard they try, Upton and Daddario are never going to be able to convey the sense of desperation necessary to make the thing funny.

In fairness, their performances don't seem bad and Daddario's delivery of that last line, "Oh my God, we're all going to die!" is spot on but otherwise I suspect that, despite their best efforts, this film is just going to be a horribly misjudged clunker.

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