Monday, 7 August 2017

The Dark Tower. May 2017.

I must confess that, up until now, I'd been totally unaware of the existence of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Therefore I'm coming to the trailer with literally zero expectations.

It all starts magnificently promisingly by playing the sneaky trick on us of using Ennio Morricone's For A Few Dollars More music, immediately giving the impression that we're about to see something epic, profound, stirring and possibly elegiac.

The problem is that we then get a trailer that leaves me strangely cold.

In terms of its look, it feels somewhat generic and, in terms of content, there's nothing in there at all that grabs me.

I'm not saying I wouldn't watch it if it were placed in front of me. There's nothing about it that I find off-putting or that says that it's going to be a terrible movie.

But, conversely, there's nothing about it that shouts at me that it's going to be a great or even interesting movie. It just feels like one of those films that comes and goes without making any great impact on anyone.

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Aggy said...

Congratulations you saved yourself days. I have read the books and feel pretty much the same except I would rather claw out my eyes than watch this movie if it was placed in front of me.

They should have just made the TV show based on the original versions of the first 3 books before King "George Lucas'd" all over them...

Anonymous said...

"Somewhat generic" seems a bit of an understatement Steve.
This really does look like its by the numbers, a post-Harry Potter Van Helsing (gawd 'elp us). Having said that, from what I've read Stephen King really understands genre storytelling so maybe it'll be perfectly efficient entertainment.

Not that I've actually read any of the Dark Tower. So Aggy's the one who knows his stuff here.


Steve W. said...

I've just discovered there's a Behind the Trailer review of the film itself, on YouTube. I've not had the chance to watch the review yet but a quick glance at the comments beneath it give me the impression the movie's not going down well.

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